Tokyo MK Taxi Group: How to order a taxi

Tokyo MK Taxi Group How to order a taxi

We will accept your order at the call center. 24 hours, 365 days correspondence. Please feel free to tell us your requests, requests etc. From 10 minutes elapsed time meter wait if you can acknowledge to be a, it is also possible to wait as it is.

Please contact the driver or call center to that effect. If you there is no communication, it judges the cancellation we will. If you need to arrange again please order again. Order to carry out the rapid dispatch to more customers, thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Orders may not be accepted depending on the order status etc. If it is you specify the desired arrival time, but to confirm the pick-up vehicle to your designated time to the original, there is a case of arrival to the time of hope due to the impact of such traffic conditions, the weather is late. Please give us your time with plenty of time. When you order by phone so as not earnestly of apologize mistake thank you.

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