Erie Insurance Can Cover Hail Damage

Erie Insurance Can Cover Hail Damage

“Most homeowner’s policies provide coverage for damage by hail,” says Terry McConnell, vice president, Personal Lines Underwriting, at Erie Insurance. “Just note there may be restrictions as far as a separate hail deductible that may apply.”

McConnell says the average financial cost of hail damage to a home can be around $10,000. That varies depending on the length of the storm, the size of the hail, the amount of damage done to the roof and the siding, and the condition of those structures before the storm began. A directional storm, hitting only one side of a home or roof, will affect that number as well.

McConnell advises homeowners take a proactive approach toward protecting their homes from hail damage. “Don’t use your insurance policy as a maintenance policy,” he cautions, “as this could expose you to surcharges that come with filing claim.”

Instead, McConnell says you should inspect your roof yourself before a storm hits. Roofs with higher-quality shingles ward off hail damage better than roofs with low-cost shingles. Likewise, newer roofs hold up better to hail damage than deteriorated roofs. If your home is in a hailstorm and you suspect it suffered hail damage, McConnell says you should contact your insurance agent to inform them of the situation.

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