Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group: Why Car Exhausts Matter

Tyre Auto Southbourne Group Why Car Exhausts Matter

At no time in the history of human civilization have we suffered more respiratory diseases than when we began using the combustion engine at the start of the Industrial Revolution. Today, the levels of pollution in major cities around the world have reached extreme levels. Think of such cities like LA, Mexico, Bangkok and Beijing and you can imagine the thousands of people who suffocate under the fumes expelled by millions of vehicles into the atmosphere.

With the introduction of alternative energy sources to operate vehicles, however, we are beginning to cope with this growing menace to human health. In the meantime, new techniques have been developed to minimize the effects of exhaust fumes from combustion engines.

A defective exhaust pipe decreases the ability of the engine to maximize its burning capability, hence, diminishing its power and performance. In fact, a big percentage of an engine’s power is lost due to the inefficient disposal of the waste gases resulting from the combustion process. Think of a person’s sinusitis which prevents one from breathing out the carbon dioxide from the lungs. What we expel is as important as what we take in. So it is with a car.

In short, not only do we pollute the atmosphere with a faulty exhaust pipe system, we are practically burning money that virtually escapes from our pockets and enters ours lungs in the form of toxic gases and black soot. Controlling the quantity and the quality of exhaust fumes is every person’s responsibility to maintain a healthy environment.

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