Japan Asia Group Limited Review: Group History

Jul. 2015 Dissolved holdings company structure (Japan Asia Holdings Limited, KOKUSAI KOGYO HOLDINGS CO., LTD.)

JAG Energy Co., Ltd. and Kokusai Land & Development Co., Ltd. amalgamated into JAG Energy Co., Ltd.

May. 2015 Admitted to First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange (Code: 3751; Company abbreviation: JAG)

Mar. 2015 Ashigara-Oi SolarWay (13 MW) completed in Kanagawa

Dec. 2014 Seabell International Co., Ltd. becomes consolidated subsidiary (name changed to JAG Seabell Co., Ltd.)

Apr. 2012 Acquired 100% ownership of KOKUSAI KOGYO HOLDINGS CO., LTD. by restructuring organization

Oct. 2009 Distribute first investment trust fund “Solar energy fund Euro solar fund 0910″ Jun. 2009Established Miyazaki Solar Way Co., Ltd.

Feb. 2009 Former Japan Asia Group Limited merged with two other companies start a pure holding company, new formation Japan Asia Group ( Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Index:3751)

Sep. 1999 Opened representative office in Tokyo

Dec. 1998 Japan Asia Holdings Limited (Hong Kong) Established by Tetsuo Yamashita and Sandra Wu.

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