Online Info Blog: Beat the scammers

We must remember a mind-boggling array of passwords and PINs to survive the technological challenges of the 21st Century. According to credit-checking agency Experian most of us use at least two dozen of these online codes on a daily basis. They are required not just for regular tasks, such as getting in to a computer, paying a utility bill and online shopping. But they are also necessary for using mobile phones, chatting on social media, club memberships and watching online TV. It is not surprising a majority of us struggle to juggle different passwords in our head. Indeed, a quarter of us forget at least one login detail every day. This means we often adopt easy-to-remember ‘weak’ passwords that use familiar names such as a beloved pet or a family member.
Security experts believe this is a dangerous strategy and a relatively easy one for criminals to crack. It is suggested ‘strong’ passwords of up to a dozen characters randomly chosen – letters, numbers and even symbols – offer much better security. Three-quarters of us also use the same password for more than one account. But to stop fraudsters getting hold of your details it is recommended each service you use has its own password. There are ways you can create and remember secure passwords – in imaginative ways that will not leave you worried or with a headache.

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